Edward Seago


Edward Brian Seago was a painter of landscapes, marines and flowers in an Impressionist style. He successfully exhibited his paintings in London, Glasgow, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, Oslo and Brussels. He was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists from 1946, and of the Royal Watercolors Society from 1959. His first solo exhibition was in London in 1944.

In 1957, still in London at Saint James Palace, Seago presented canvases realized during the world tour of the Duke of Edinburgh. Essential to a landscape artist, he remained faithful to an impressionistic atmosphere, attempting to capture the rapid touches from the shimmering of light, made to sometimes bathe together in a blur like that of Turner. He liked to translate English landscapes, in particular those of Norfolk, but also painted much from abroad.

In 1968 Seago acquired ‘Ca Conca’, a villa apartment in the elegant yachting resort of Porto Cervo on the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. There, his terrace offered fine views of the harbor which would become subject matter for future paintings.

(See J.W. Reid, Edward Seago the Landscape Art, London, 1991, page 202).