Frits Johan Goosen


Frits Goosen, born in Hilversum, The Netherlands 1943, has been giving substance to the connection between art and nature in Dutch landscapes for nearly 20 years.  His career first began in the military with the Royal Dutch Navy.  He could not professionally pursue his love for the arts due to financial obligations; he needed to provide for his family.

Goosen, a self-taught artist, began studying and sketching the older fishing boats while working as a manager of the Amsterdam Dockyards. During this time, he began to consider the idea of building a life as an independent artist.  He officially began his artistic endeavors by selling paintings in his father-in-law’s home furnishing store.  He has many influences from The Hague School; a result of Barbizon Style combined with the Old Masters traditions of The Netherlands.

His paintings are characterized by his sensitive manipulation of composition, light, arrangement, and color.  Goosen possesses an intense admiration of nature and life.  This admiration derives his focus and passion of water and its surroundings.  He is known for his works of harbor scenes that feature a soft white light, giving his paintings a radiant quality.

In 1988 he received the Award for Excellence.  His paintings are showcased in Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Geneva, Frederikstadt (Norway), London, Washington D.C., and Charleston, SC.  Many of his pieces hang in collections across The Netherlands and England.