Oskar Höfinger


Oskar Höfinger was born in Golling on Erlauf, Lower Austria in 1935. He apprenticed at a ceramic factory in Krummnussbaum, and trained to become a ceramic designer under the tutelage of Hans Scheibner, sculptor, painter, and designer. He proceeded to study at the Technical College of Wood and Stonework Sculpture in Salzberg from 1952-56. Increasing his education, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna from 1956-61. Höfinger’s training with Professor Hans Andre was a pivotal moment, where he became a sculptor and immersed himself within the international avant garde art world.

An expressionistic phase was followed by an interest in monumental cubist experiments during the 1960s. His geometric and minimal work explores elements of symbolism, light and shadow. Höfinger reduces the representational to an angular and quasi abstract form, a unique visualization of space. Höfinger is a member of the leading association of artists, the “Viennese Secession”, and currently lives and works in Vienna.


1976 Sculpture ‘Winner” Innsbruck Olympics Raiffeisenkasse, Vienna, Austria
1973 Apppojnted to the Board of the Vienna Secession, Austria
1971 Prize for the city of Vienna, Austria
Inclusion in the Vienna Secession, Austria
1968 Promotion price of Niederösterr, Landesregierung
1959 Fügerpreis Silver Medal
1957 Fügerpreis Silver Medal

Notable Public Collections

Austrian Sculpture Park at The Joanneum Universal Museum, Austria

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 Trippolt, Schruns, Austria
Ziwna Gallery, Palais Harrach, Vienna, Austria
Franziskaner, Inge Kerschbaumer-Palacz. Vienna, Austria
2008 Galerie Chobot, Vienna, Austria
2005 Galerie H 17, Tulbinger Kogel, Mauerbach, Vienna, Austria
2002 Gemeinschaftsausstellung Fürstenfeld, STMK
2001 Tulbinger Kogel, Mauerbach – Vienna, Austria
1996 Harrach Palace and Palais Ferstel, Vienna, Austria
1994 Gallery Studio 3, Zurich, Switzerland
1992 Austrian Cultural Institute New York, NY
1990 City Gallery Purkersdorf, Purkersdork, Austria
1989 Danube Tower Vienna Auarelle, Austria
1973 Pointner Gallery, Salzburg, Germany
1971 Auto Salon of the Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Vienna, Austria

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009 Franciscan, Vienna with Ms. Inge Kerschbaumer-Palacz, Austria
2005 Gallery H 17, Vienna, Austria
2002 Fürstenfeld, Styria
1989 BAWAG Foundation, Vienna, Austria
1974 AAB Gallery Brescia, Italy