Paul Madeline


Born in 1863 in Paris, France artist Paul Madeline grew up inspired by the works of Monet, Seurat, Pissarro and their concept of Impressionism. He practiced the art of painting ‘en plein air’, in the outdoors . He was a pupil of Edouard Chaly at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.  Following this academia he worked in a publishing house in Paris to earn his living while painting urban landscapes.

First in 1894, Paul Madeline exhibited at the Salon de la Societe des Artistes Francais and again in 1897 and in 1899 now as an elected member.  In 1910 he was elected to the Salon des Beaux-Arts where he had received honourable mention in 1897. At the great Universal Exhibition of 1900, his work was selected to be shown and again received honourable mention. In 1908, he founded “La Société Moderne”, which includes painters like Lebasque, Raffaëlli, Aman and Maurice Chabas.

Madeline depicted the French landscape in sumptuous colour and in loose brushstrokes.  His paintings, reverberating with heat and filled with the light of the French Mediterranean, are comparable to the work of the renowned Post-Impressionist painter Armand Guillaumin.  Though based in Paris, Madeline painted throughout the country, from the Mediterranean all the way up to Brittany.  He died in in Paris at the age of fifty-seven.French