Roland Strasser


Born in Vienna in 1895, Strasser was greatly influenced during his childhood by his father, painter and sculptor Arthur Strasser, and first developed his artistic skills in his father’s studio. He attended the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts between 1911 and 1915 under Rudolf Jettmar and Julius Schmidt, specializing in drawing, painting and sculpture, and also studied at the Academy of Munich.

Strasser took a trip to Indonesia in 1920, traveling through Siam, Java, New Guinea, China, India, Mongolia, Tibet, Japan and North Africa. He returned to Bali in 1934 to live and paint in his studio in the cold mountainous area of Kintaman, just above Lake Batur, for ten years. There he produced numerous portraits and landscapes of the surrounding community and scenery. Strasser left Bali in 1944 and died in Santa Monica, California, in 1974.

His works are part of many important public collections, such as: Heeres Museum, Vienna; Moderne Gallerie, Innsbruck; Volksraads Gebovw, Batavia; Academie der Kunste, Berlin; Museum Urga, Academy of Art, Honolulu; ARMA, Ubud; National Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; UCLA Art Gallery, Los Angeles; Kitchener-Waterloo Gallery, Kitchener; and the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

Trained and worked in his father’s studio, Professor Arthur Strasser, painter sculptor, Chevalier Legion of Honour (1854-1927).
Attended Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna as a pupil of Rudolf Jettmar and Julius Schmidt, specializing in drawing, painting and sculpture.

Public Collections
Heeres Museum, Vienna
Moderne Gallerie, Innsbruck
Volksraads Gebovw, Batavia
Academie der Kunste, Berlin
Museum, Urga
Academy of Art, Honolulu
National Gallery of N.S.W., Sydney
UCLA Art Gallery, Los Angeles
Kitchener-Waterloo Gallery, Kitchener
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1922 Batavia, Java
1924 Peking, China
1924 London, UK
1926 Edinburgh, Scotland
1927 Berlin and Munich, Germany
1928 London, UK
1928 Paris, France
1928 Berlin, Germany
1931 Batavia, Java
1933 New York, US
1933 Honolulu, Hawaii
1934 London, UK
1934 Paris, France
1947 Sydney, Australia
1951 Sydney, Australia
1953 Los Angeles, California
1954 Laguna Beach, California