Li Shi Jin


Li Shi Jin was born in 1958. He graduated from Hebei University, Department of Oil Painting in 1984. He has been represented by the Odon Wagner Gallery since 1998 and currently lectures at the Beijing Arts and Crafts College on the subject of the fine arts.

1991  Selected to be represented in the First China Oil Painting Show
1992  Meritorious award in a local art competition.
1993  Awarded in the Third China Culture Exhibition
1994  Won entry into the Second China Oil Painting Show   Awarded in the All-China Teacher’s Art Show
1995  Awarded in the Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition in Japan.
1996  Participated in a group show, Kuala Lumpur.
1997  China Guardian Auction, Bejing.
1998  Out of China Exhibition, Odon Wagner Gallery