Myth and Mystique: The Art of Malcolm Rains

May 7 - May 28, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 7, 2-5pm

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Odon Wagner Contemporary is pleased to present Myth and Mystique: The Art of Malcolm Rains – our first solo exhibition for renowned Canadian contemporary artist, Malcolm Rains.

It’s not only that Malcolm Rains is a master of many styles and that each one looks the way a spoken dialect in language sounds: he is in fact a master stylist, period. Each of his motifs belongs to a broad and deep painting territory which he traverses and revisits the same way we can return to Rome or Athens to follow our own footsteps and yet still feel it’s a first time encounter. There’s something hauntingly familiar, gently reassuring and yet utterly otherworldly in the way this artist can explore major subjects over a long term career trajectory.

One such subject is a domain he has confidently commanded for over a decade, the kind of crisp representation I can only call objective portraiture. Whether it’s the way fruit occupies space on a table, or the way light is refracted from a glowing metallic surface of pure colour, or the way creased paper can assume the awesome stature of a mountain, one recursive element remains shared by them all: optical splendour and its transmission.

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Study for Dystomos
16 x 20 inches / 41 x 51 cm
54 x 45 inches / 137 x 114 cm
Actaeon and Artemis
42 x 84 inches / 107 x 213 cm
Diktinna, 2016
36 x 30 inches / 91 x 76 cm