Shadow Play

September 24 - October 16, 2004

Ziegler’s works portray absence and are as much about what we can see as what we can’t. In her interiors, this feeling is magnified by her choice of everyday objects – a chair, a plate, a vase – and a single overhead light source, haloing the empty place at a table, a single seat, a lone flower as decoration. And yet this light is an encompassing one that embraces and tellingly illuminates the simple vignettes, warding off sadness and the dark. And while the spaces are simple they are also welcoming, a place is set at the table, the reds are warm, the painting on the wall an image of home, the sky glimpsed out the window reflects the setting of a sun on a picture-perfect day. It is a space that seems content in its aloneness.

Autumn Bloom
29 x 11 inches / 74 x 28 cm
Where The Road Meets The Woods
24 x 31 inches / 61 x 79 cm
The Sea Goes On
18 x 21 inches / 46 x 53 cm