YEHOUDA CHAKI | new paintings

December 5 - December 26, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 5, 6-9pm

Nearing three decades of collaboration, Odon Wagner Gallery is excited to present the latest series of paintings by Yehouda Chaki.  The essence of Chaki’s work has been described as a collision of the outside world with the artist’s innermost visceral perceptions.  Although no element in his artworks can be traced to actual places and plants, he presents us with a believable reality yet entirely of his own making.  The essence of the painting is to be found in their execution.  Shapes are defined by forceful lines or clashes of colour, distance is conveyed by subtle shadings contrasting with brutal overlaps, light and mood proceed from chromatic interplays laced with telling brushwork.

There is an ongoing light and life in all of Chaki’s works, regardless of their theme, subject, or format, a light which obviously originates solely from inside him as it makes its spiraling way outward towards us. That light touches us and changes us permanently.
– Excerpt from catalogue essay written by Donald Brackett

We invite you to read more about Yehouda Chaki and his incredible story here.