Pre-select artwork & sculpture and let your guests contribute to the purchase

Are you planning a wedding and contemplating where to register?  Look no further than Odon Wagner Gallery and Odon Wagner contemporary. 

Bring a fine work of art or sculpture home by registering your wedding with Odon Wagner Gallery & Odon Wagner Contemporary. Visit the gallery to pre-select paintings and sculpture from the gallery's extensive collection. Then, share the news with your friends, family and guests that they can visit the galleries to view selected artworks and contribute to the purchase price.  Out of town guests can phone the gallery to make their contribution using our toll-free number:  +1 (800) 551 2465 

Start building your art collection on the most important and most special day of your lives.  The gallery's wedding registry is a fantastic and enriching alternative to appliances and tableware.

Contact Nicholas Wagner at (416) 962-0438 to start a better wedding registry.