Don Resnick (1928-2008)

May 3 - May 30, 2012

This exhibition features more than thirty oil paintings and watercolours by American Post-impressionist artist Don Resnick.  The vernissage on Thursday May 3rd (6-9pm) will open the exhibition at Odon Wagner Contemporary continuing through to May 26th.

"Unlike so many of the notable American landscape painters (e.g., Church, Durand, Homer, Kensett – all of them, like Resnick, Centurians), whose work is associated with specificity of place, Resnick seems more involved with painting itself and less with its potential descriptive qualities.  Although the work is certainly far from that of his more fashionable Abstract Expressionist contemporaries, he shares with them, and with so many other modernist artists, the ethos that paint and painting have their own intrinsic merits, independent of their descriptive potential."

– Excerpted from Don Resnick: Lessons in Seeing an introductory essay by Tom L. Freudenheim, a retired museum director, who served as Assistant Secretary for Museums at Washington’s Smithsonian Institution.  He writes about museum issues and art for the Wall Street Journal and other publications.

Hidden Path
24 x 24 inches / 61 x 61 cm
Near Hog Island
47 x 47 inches / 119 x 119 cm
Birch Glade
45 x 55 inches / 114 x 140 cm
Muddy path, February
47 x 65 inches / 119 x 165 cm
Open Sea
45 x 58 inches / 114 x 147 cm