Ron Kingswood

April 4 - April 28, 2012

This exhibition of recent paintings will be Ron Kingswood first exhibition with Odon Wagner Contemporary, taking place during the month of April.  The painting Dendroica is featured at left, and on the cover of our exhibition catalogue.

"…to title a painting Dendroica, does not intimate that the viewer is expected to be expert in ornithology.  Dendroica—I had to look this up—refers to “a genus of New World Warbler, family: Parulidae,” with, needless to say, colourful plumage.  I don’t know if there are blue Dendroicas, but I bet there are.  The point is, whatever the relationship to Kingswood’s work of that lyrical name (if any), the big blue painting so titled is remarkably open-handed, buoyant, persuasively aerial in effect.  Its expansiveness lifts the heart—in rather the same way a descent of birdsong from the sky would (see, for example, Shelley’s To a Skylark: “From rainbow clouds there flow not / Drops so bright to see, / As from thy presence showers a rain of melody….”).

– Excerpted from Artist in Resonance: Recent Paintings by Ron Kingswood an introductory essay by Gary Michael Dault (2012)

December Fourth
64 x 88 inches / 163 x 224 cm
Field #2
7 x 9 inches / 18 x 23 cm
Walpole Series, #3 Island
20 x 20 inches / 51 x 51 cm
20 x 20 inches / 51 x 51 cm
Walpole Series, Island
40 x 40 inches / 102 x 102 cm