A Tribute to the Art of Fine Living
Odon Wagner Gallery Joins the Ritz-Carlton for an Evening of Inspiration, News, and Events

On the evening of June 16th, 2009, the Odon Wagner Gallery celebrated the luxury and sophistication of the Residences at Ritz-Carlton Toronto with an exhibition of important new paintings and sculpture at the Roy Thompson Hall. Along with music from recording artist Molly Johnson and a selection of wines and spirits from Moet Hennessy brands, the event was a wonderful success and we thank those of you who were able to attend. Pat Baker, CEO of Baker Real Estate Incorporated, gave her opening remarks regarding the new Ritz Residences now under construction and had this to say about Odon Wagner: “What a special hotel and condominium this will be, and what a special evening this is with such brilliant artwork on display, thanks to Odon Wagner. Well respected in the art world as an expert conservator and appraiser, and the owner of one of Toronto’s most prestigious galleries, Odon is originally from Hungary. He moved to Canada in 1969 and established the city’s premier gallery for historic art of the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as work by Modern Masters. Odon has worked on significant art collections around the world, has appeared on many television shows, and was in the public eye recently when he discovered a long-lost painting by J.W. Waterhouse. It is a privilege to have such a renowned connoisseur of the art world here with us.”