Treacy Ziegler
'Points of a Compass'

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Ziegler's brilliant use of casting light, warm palette and foreboding darkness continues to draw us deeper into a world laden with stories of profound sentiments, solitude, and reassuring familiarity. 

"Hardly before and after pictures, Treacy Ziegler's new works are of the contemplative present. It is the now of these works that intrigues. The connoisseaur's taste for light and shadow, the virtuosic play of color in near- impossible realities, the richly ragged texture of marks on paper, and the luxurious absence of population come together to provide a space for audience, and to encourage that rare extravagance: meditative, interpretive reaction." – Rick Pirozzolo, Executive Director, Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY

A monoprint begins with an etched plate, a serigraph, lithograph or collograph. More than one single print can be created of a particular image if the monoprint is editioned. The underlying image remains the same and is common to each print in the edition. However, each print is a unique creation by means of adding pigment or design differently. 

For a full description of a Treacy's process, please enjoy our latest Tumblr blogpost: